The Highest Water Quality 

High quality pure drinking water compared to other types of water treatments, such as the inverse osmosis, the filtered Water or the desalination.

Ideal for human consumption as it is free from biologic contamination, and with excellent chemical properties, as it complies with World Health Organization, EPA and European Directive 98/83/EC parameters for drinking water.

Our generators are portable and autonomous so water is produced wherever it is needed. This includes industrial or polluted areas, where our technology ensures high quality drinking water. No installation and simple maintenance are needed.

Water generator Technology


Our compact generators can produce from 50 to 5000 liters/day. Even in arid climates with temperature over 50ºC (122F) and RH lower than 20%. Generation and Consumption Estimations made in our Climate Chamber, TÜV Certified.

The Water generator reproduces the rain process, providing a safe drinking water with no negative effect and no waste, unlike water purifying systems by desalination.