Benefits of Thermonebulization disinfection

The Thermo Nebulization disinfection method is the solution to treat large surfaces and spaces with a minimum amount of product, with less operational work and with minimal damage to the environment (less waste, without penetration into the ground).

This results in a high-speed air stream in which the nebulizing liquid is introduced at the end of the resonator tube, multiplied into fine aerosol droplets and transformed into a slightly floating mist.

Thermonebulization disinfection uses

Thermonebulization disinfection  is used for the control of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores) where the active substances must be uniformly distributed even in inaccessible places, it is applied directly in the areas of interest, due to its penetration characteristics it is recommended when the Surfaces to be treated are difficult to access, irregular and in places where it cannot be moistened, such as electrical-electronic equipment and controls.

Thanks to the small particles, our Higitech team can penetrate any space, and the speed with which the steam expands allows covering large areas in a very short time, the coverage capacity depends on the equipment that generates it.

Desinfection process

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