Photocatalytic paint with depolluting and self-cleaning properties, for indoors and outdoors

Both indoor and outdoor air are currently highly polluted and contain substances that are harmful to our health. The so-called wellness paints have been specially developed to promote the indoor climate.

Their antibacterial composition ensures a healthier living environment and protection against radiation from mobile phones, cell towers, etc.

Effects & more

One of these wellness paints is the health-friendly interior wall paint with a photocatalytic effect. By photocatalysis, the paint removes the harmful substances from the air and the paint reduces the adhesion of bacteria on the finishing layer. The photocatalytic effect is in principle easily achieved.

Organic substances are broken down on the basis of white pigments and light energy. For example, odors are reduced and organic substances, bacteria, germs and nitrogen oxide are reduced. The paint can be colored in light shades with mineral pigments.