How it works ?

MS Polymer ® based sealants (Silyl terminated Modified Polymers – hereafter referred to as “MSP”) were first developed in Japan in the 1970′ s. In the 1980’ s the added value of “MSP” sealant was recognized in Europe and in 2010 Higitech has chosen this technology for its sealant.

Since, its added value has been recognized by end-users in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry, because of the exposure to severest of cleaning protocols and materials (for example in the fish and meat processing industry).

Whilst the MS Polymer technology distinguishes itself already from regular sealants, Higitech goes one step further in adding value.


The dry-film of the Higitech MSP2.0 has been formulated to resist the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. It is part of both our BLUE Line as well as the PURPLE Line.

The advantages of the Higitech MSP2.0 compared to any other regular sealant/caulk (like silicone) are:

  • Simple: Easy application because the MSP2.0 can be used in almost all-weather conditions, both cold and warm;
  • Safe: the MSP2.0 does not contain isocyanates or solvents. Application does not require special safety equipment;
  • Ecologic: solvent-free, no isocyanates

And furthermore:

  • Exposure: No cracking, splitting or adhesion failure after many years of exposure to the most challenging conditions;
  • No stains: Higitech MSP2.0 does not cause staining or discoloration of porous materials (no bleeding);
  • Paintability: Higitech MSP2.0 can be painted with our Higitech coatings;
  • Adhesion: Higitech MSP2.0 has a broad spectrum of surfaces on which adhesion is excellent.