Hygiene plans

The hygiene plan is a collection of binding instructions and is aimed at everyone who enters a hygienic area. In principle, a hygiene plan should be updated regularly and adapted to the current state of the art and regulations.

A hygiene plan only works if it is known to all employees and the requirements are consistently implemented. Regular instruction is therefore necessary, at least once a year. Employees and external persons hired during the year should also be informed about the hygiene plan and its content.

Defined as “the set of basic preventive programs and activities, to be developed in all food companies to achieve food safety” is the basic key to any sanitation and food safety service that a cleaning company has.


On the one hand, the instruction of the people should be documented. This ensures that every relevant person has been informed about the application of the hygiene plan. On the other hand, routine cleaning and disinfection should be documented in a separate list. This ensures that the cleaning and disinfection work can be traced personally. If there are any deviations, this can be discussed on a documented basis with the cleaning and disinfection staff and the situation can then be analyzed.

Thanks to our know-how in all sectors of the food industry, our team of professionals is capable of generating a personalized hygiene plan according to your facilities and needs.