How it works ?

The floor is often the area subject to the greatest amount of wear. Especially in food and beverage production areas with forklifts and heavy traffic. In general, such a floor requires a lot of maintenance. Therefore, it makes sense to select the floor protection system offering the highest added value. Increasingly, specifiers like architects, contractors and end-users involved in floor selection appreciate the Higitech floor coating BLUE Line or PURPLE Line finish.

Our floor coating manufactures a simple range of water-based floor coatings used in industrial, commercial and public building environments.

These coatings are ideal for both refurbishment and new build projects. The options of the BLUE Line and PURPLE Line have been discovered by maintenance engineers who include contamination testing results in their precautionary principle: the dry-film of a floor benefits from all extra protection when it comes to hygiene.


Our water-based epoxy gives good floor protection without any VOCs there is no solvent odor. It creates a tough finish, for concrete floors in moderate industrial settings. Resistant to most chemicals and abrasion. Meets requirements for incidental food contact.

Hydropox BLUE offers the option to protect the dry film to harmful bacteria. The dry-film of the Hydropox PURPLE is protected against damaging mold.

Including optional anti-skid and/or flakes. In all colors

Hydrograff HP

This two pack Polyurethane is designed primarily as a hard topcoat – including the BLUE and PURPLE option. It’s the right choice for environments which require high performance. Easy application and excellent fl ow give an impressive end result, not just on Higitech floor coating basecoats but on other systems as well and as a stand-alone solution.