Extra Power Disinfector

If you’re looking for the most efficient product to disinfect, Higitech ME provides for you the top four “extra power disinfector”. Due to devoted research, Higitech ME can ensure you that their products are used in multiple industries such as: water industry, public health, facility management, food and beverage industry etc.

Magical products with the highest efficiency !

Discover our TOP four most demanding products that responds to all kind of activity. The extra Power disinfect can be your best choice for the medium and long term. Check the details below.

Extra power disinfector S003

The extra Power disinfector S003 is based on the proven hydrogen peroxide/silver formula and thanks to additional stabilisation also suited for more applications.

Extra power disinfector S006

The extra Power disinfector S006 has a higher content of active ingredients and is therefore suited for disinfecting heavily or organically contaminated surfaces.

Extra power disinfector S010

The extra Power disinfector S010 makes it the ideal product wherever thorough cleaning is not possible prior to disinfection or whenever a faster effect than with other products.

Extra power disinfector S015

The extra Power disinfector S030 is a disinfectant concentrate suited for surface, aerosol and water disinfection.It is preferably used for water and/or pipeline disinfection .