What are over the counter detergents?

Enzymatic detergents are all those whose active principles are not chemical ingredients in use but are enzymes. Enzymes are proteins whose function is to catalyze a chemical reaction. During this reaction large organic molecules are transformed into small molecules and act in the disinfection process.

Differents uses & effects

Higitech ME uses this methodology with high bactericidal and virucidal power in environments that are extremely favorable to the proliferation of microorganisms, as well as areas that by their configuration give rise to accumulations and resorbs of diverse contamination, we can mention rooms of quartering and manipulation of meat, fish, kitchens, tunnels of freezing, etc.

Content & Uses

It contains high emulsifying, dispersing and saponifying properties, helping these also to drag small traces of organic material. It does not coagulate blood or proteins. On the contrary, thanks to the presence of enzymes, the sugars and protein chains are fragmented, which facilitates their emulsification and their elimination/flushing in the cleaning and rinsing process by means of water.

Therefore, Enzymatic Disinfection is especially recommended for the destruction of bio films in the agro-food environment. This product is compatible with all types of materials, including aluminum and alloys, galvanized.

They are not corrosive to materials, their composition makes this product environmentally friendly.

Disinfection process

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