Benefits of Duct study and sanitation

HIGITECH ME has an innovation system from our R+D+i department that responds to the need in the market for air duct cleaning to avoid multiple ruptures of the rotating flexible shaft.

HIGITECH ME has implemented a revolutionary central control capable of detecting the type of duct and applying the required force without forcing the shaft. In addition, it incorporates the StopGo system that stops the motor in any eventuality, preventing it from breaking.

  • Remote-controlled equipment with image inspection and recording
  • Complete cleaning of the entire installation without the use of chemicals
  • Avoids bad odors and fire hazards among other benefits

Exclusive System

The UNE 171330: 2008 standard defines Indoor Environmental Quality as the environmental conditions of the interior spaces, suitable for the user and the activity, defined by the levels of chemical, microbiological contamination and by the values ​​of physical factors.

The UNE 100012 of Hygienization of air conditioning systems, aims to assess the hygiene of ventilation and air conditioning systems. For this, evaluation criteria, decontamination criteria (sanitization) and validation criteria (efficacy) of the hygienic quality of the SVAA are developed.

UNE 171330 on Indoor Environmental Quality establishes requirements for a Quality Management System for Indoor Environments. Its field of application is the interior environments of all types of enclosures, facilities and buildings, except those that are exclusively dedicated to the activity carried out in industrial and/or agricultural processes.

Disinfection process