Benefits Of Hydrogen peroxide & silver nanoparticles

Hydrogen peroxide & silver nanoparticles acts as an excellent disinfectant with a wide range of uses, such as drinking water disinfection, operating rooms, clean rooms, etc. Its applications result in disinfection at levels of 99.9% on the surface, hydrogen peroxide prevents scale and corrosion on the surfaces applied.

Use & effects

Hydrogen peroxide is used in several countries to disinfect water supplies, among other things.

From its oxidizing character it can be deduced that the product has the necessary capacity for hygiene, disinfection and cleaning of surfaces with high organic and biofilm contamination accumulated in areas, utensils, elements or pieces of equipment used in the food industries, clinical environments, and others.


Hydrogen peroxide has been known for years as a bleaching and oxidizing agent and is effective against a very broad spectrum of microorganisms: it has virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal power. It can be used in low concentrations being safe and effective against biofilm.

Disinfection process

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