Benefits of Cold Mist Disinfection

When it comes to surface disinfection, the cold nebulization of Higitech using the aerosol generator can provide a certain degree of safety. Because the biocides penetrate into every invisible corner, with sufficient effectiveness on the wetted surfaces even in the presence of small impurities.

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The system thus complements the usual surface hygiene. The success of disinfection can also be checked using test sticks.

In aerosol disinfection, the disinfectant is aerosolized into small droplets, which are then pumped into the room air until the air is saturated.

Higitech offers you the technology you need. It is a metering pump and associated components that are integrated into the air humidification system.

The cold mist disinfection is a helpful and permanent addition to conventional types of application.

Desinfection process

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